Electrical Test and Tag

Electrical Test and Tag Process.

An initial visual test inspection of all of your workplace equipment, appliances, computers & leads, will identify any obvious damage or problems immediately.

We then test all electrical equipment using a fully calibrated Portable Appliance Tester, our PAT testers come with pre-set tolerances to Australian Standards, ensuring integrity in our testing process.

If the electrical equipment passes the electrical testing process, it is then fitted with a durable, non-reusable tag to indicate to users that the item has been identified as safe in accordance with AS/NZS 3760:2010 and when the item is due to be tested again.

You will be provided with a computer generated log book and detailed asset register, listing the appliances tested and the results of the tests undertaken. The asset register also records the make, model and serial number of the appliance during the electrical test and tag testing process.

If the appliance fails any stage of electrical tagging, the technician will consult with the client as to the process needed to repair, quarantine or dispose of the appliance in question. Once our technician has tested and tagged all of your electrical appliances, you can rest assured that you have done all you can to minimise any electrical shock or fire risks within your place of work.

Testing & Tagging Services

KANDU Test and Tag Electrical Services are leading specialists in the area of Test and Tag Services within the Geelong and Melbourne regions and can guarantee independent advice and guidance to meet your individual requirements. Our other Test and Tag services are:

At KANDU, we know that safety is no accident, nor is trusted service and we continually review, refine and improve our services and delivery to make sure our clients enjoy the peace of mind they deserve.

Benefits of Testing & Tagging

  • Can detect faults in all electric, electronic and mechanic equipment.
  • Scheduled testing
  • Fulfills OH&S safety requirements
  • Minimises potential electrical shock or fire risks within the workplace.

Make Your Workplace Safe

Our Testing And Tagging service helps your workplace become safe and compliant to Occupational Safety and Health Regulations in an efficient and in a cost effective manner. Find out more about our Test & Tag Prices or fill out our online form for a Test & Tag Quote.

Why not call KANDU today and find out more about our electrical test and tag service on 1300 79 11 74, or email info@kanduservices.com.au you’ll discover how easy and affordable it is to have real peace of mind when you deal with a trusted electrical test and tag specialist.