Why test and tag?

The Victorian Occupational Health and Safety Act of 1985 and revised in 2004 states in Section 21, in Part (2)(a) that “an employer shall create a safe working environment without risk to health.”  Other states and territories have their own legislated requirements.

What equipment does Kandu use?

Kandu technicians utilise the most efficient test equipment currently available in Australia, the Seaward Supernova XE Portable Appliance Tester, Bar Code Scanner and TagPRO Printer.All test equipment is housed on our custom designed trolley to ensure our Technicians complete testing and tagging with minimal disruption to your daily activities.

What are you operating hours?

Monday to Friday 8am to 5.30am. Out of normal business hours by arrangement.

What are you operating hours?

As an employer in Victoria, you have an obligation to notify WorkSafe and  Energy Safe Victoria, formerly the Office of the Chief Electrical Inspector who will investigate and may prosecute you and your company.

What if my staff bring in their own equipment to use at work?

Your staff are very good to you, but when they use their personal electrical items on a worksite the items are still your responsibility.  So if they bring in their power tools, toaster or any other appliance into the workplace and it is unsafe, then the use of that appliance can turn into a liability for your company.

My friend says that I don't have to test and tag in my business. Is that correct?

Will your friend be prepared to pay your personal fines of up to $198,216 for work safety violations? Seek a second opinion; it’s in your interest to do so.

Does having a tagged appliance mean it is working 100% within manufacturer's specifications?

No! Tagging is ONLY indicating electrical safety. It affirms that an appliance can be connected to the 240 Volt supply without the user being in danger of electrocution. The actual operation of the appliance is of no consequence.

Is it enough just to have current Test Tags affixed to equipment?

Testing and Tagging alone is not enough! A record of Test results should be kept on site and the person who performs the tests should also keep a copy (for their own legal protection).