Common Electrical Faults Gallery

Common Electrical Faults / Failed Appliances, Plugs and Leads

Regular inspections of your electrical office appliances, extension leads and all other workplace, electrical power tools and power leads and home electrical appliances should not be taken lightly. Minimise the risk of injury or death by electrocution to you, your employees or clients at your workplace plus reducing the risk of property and asset damage due to electrical fires, this includes all appliances, leads, power boards and tools within your place of work.

Common Electrical Faults Gallery:

Below are a few common failures of electrical appliances and equipment. Click on image to view larger.


Our Preventative Maintenance Services cover four main areas:

Preventative Maintenance is an important component for any business, given the cost of catastrophic failure, preventative maintenance is a great insurance to have in your plan.

Where and how Kandu Preventative Maintenance services work

Every KANDU technician is qualified, insured and experienced across many work environments including:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Nursing Homes
  • Factories
  • Offices
  • Government
  • Day Care Centres
  • Construction Sites
  • and more

Trust us to be sensitive to your team, patients, students, customers and production schedules. We eliminate fuss by fitting in with your quiet times, shut-downs, production and management requirements.

Why KANDU Preventative Maintenance?

  • Our 800-plus clients, many of them long-term and loyal.
  • Our team of 8 qualified, dedicated professionals drawing on 35 years of collective industry experience.
  • Our fleet of  5 fully-equipped vehicles.
  • Our capacity to manage jobs big and small: from 10,000 items for a multi-site health provider to a single powertool for a local tradesman.

Why not?

Seeking a competitive quote or a no-fuss approach to your preventative maintenance program? Why not contact KANDU Preventative Maintenance today and discuss your specific requirements with an electrical testing specialist who really knows the industry? Who else do you trust to minimise risks, minimise costs and minimise fuss while maximising your peace of mind?

Make Your Workplace Safe

Why not call KANDU today and find out more about our services on 1300 79 11 74, or email you’ll discover how easy and affordable it is to have real peace of mind when you deal with a trusted test and tag appliances specialist.